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Industrial IT

Optimize your production by focusing on the last developments in industrial IT.

Industrial IT is a technological branch of our expertise in industrial automation that covers all technical analysis, design, and IT system programming for data collection and interfacing in industrial environments. The expertise of our industrial IT department aims to allow an efficient usage of the information flux circulating in the production plants. More concretely, this department offers integration services for the acquisition of data systems, design of production reports and the design of equipment efficiency reports. Furthermore, we offer the software design services for custom applications as well as the implementation of web portals allowing the distribution of information. Our services in industrial IT also includes the tuning of existing software, as well as updating and customization of the obsolete systems.

Our experts in industrial IT will be able to analyze your needs in order to design and to implement the IT systems that you need to optimize your industrial process. From acquisition to production data analyses to archiving, industrial IT allows increased productivity and reduced production costs.

AIA Automation has a recognized expertise in industrial networking. Indeed, our engineers in industrial IT have completed many network studies for complete plants or for particular plant sectors. The network architectures elaborated by AIA Automation take all relevant elements into consideration, such as maintenance, diagnostics, equipment inter-dependence and network redundancy. Furthermore, we assure that the proposed architecture integrates impeccably with the existing network without any loss of productivity.

Following the network architecture and deployment, the next step consists in ensuring the data archiving. On this level, the industrial IT solution proposed by AIA Automation rests on technologies tested in industrial environments. Furthermore, our business alliance with Rockwell Software and OSI Soft allows us to efficiently incorporate the material and software components to create a coherent whole. In addition, AIA Automation is able to offer solutions fully integrated with the different business management systems (ERP) and data archiving systems.

Treatment and analyzes
Once the data has been archived, the real work begins. The data is typically used for production efficiency analyses of various production lines, machines and/or plant sectors. Software modules can be integrated into the industrial IT system to allow the visualization of the efficiency, cost of production and downtime causes. The processing of the data also allows the installation of predictive and preventive maintenance measures. These same tools can also be used to follow-up on the instrument calibrations. Other modules can generate quality reports, governmental reports and/or ISO9001 reports.

You can count on our team to give you truthful evaluations and to propose viable and optimal industrial IT for a long term vision. Our specialist in industrial IT can use on their experience in plants to offer innovative solutions combining IT and automation in an industrial environment.